550 Watt Chip Extractor Hose & Adapter HBM



0 - 3kg

Extracting dust can be a pretty tedious job. Especially when trying to remove dust from relatively sensitive equipment. It is then important not to damage everything, so that a regular vacuum cleaner or handheld vacuum cleaner is usually not sufficient. This dust extraction system offers a solution. It is 150 centimeters long, with a hose of around 100 millimeters, has a wheeled chassis and two different dust bags. It comes with a five piece adapter, so you can easily connect it to different machines. Handy, because then you already have those and you can get started right away.

Technical data of the HBM 550 Watt

Dust Extraction System including Hose and Adapters M3 per hour 1150 M3 per hour.

Engine power 3/4 hp. Voltage 230 Volts.

Sound 95 DB Required installation space 90 x 45 x 150 cm.

Pack sizes 90 x 55.5 x 45cm. Weight 22 kg.