Craftsman Garage Burner inc 5-6 adaptor



3 - 30kg

The Craftsman Output: 12kW Perfect for Garages, Workshops, Sheds, Greenhouses Are you an avid DIY'er with a build up of saw dust and wood? If so then this is the low cost way to heat your space while disposing of your off-cuts.


The Craftsman Stove is designed for use in Workshops, Greenhouses and Garages etc. The Stove is designed to burn wood off-cuts, sawdust, chips and shavings. The Stoves operation and installation should be in accordance with any relevant local regulations and bylaws. Correct installation is NOT the responsibility of the manufacturer or retailer. The combustion process requires an air supply so ensure adequate ventilation is provided.

Features Pre-heat tube, to get super hot to the centre of the fire and ensure complete combustion. Secondary Air Control Vent to allow the stove burn from the top down Fuel Loading from the top Flue 5" Two Piece Grate

Delivery Available Nationwide - please note, our price includes a 5" to 6" adaptor, to enable you to use standard 6" flu available in any local plumbing store.