CW 12" Table Saw with Sliding Beam



40 - 500kg

New For 2016

Charnwood  12"  Table Saw with 48" sliding beam. W670


  • Main Table Size 760mm x 960mm
  • Maximum Ripping Width Using Fence 940mm
  • Maximum Crosscutting Width 1225mm
  • Blade Tilt 90 - 45 degrees
  • Cutting Depth at 90 degrees 100mm
  • Cutting Depth at 45 degrees 75mm
  • Blade Diameter 315mm
  • Blade Bore 30mm
  • Work Table Height 875mm
  • Motor (induction) 2200w (3hp) / 240v
  • No-load Blade Speed 4250
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) 2500mm x 1400mm x 1250mm
  • Minumum Floor Area Required (WxD) 2500mm x 3100mm
  • Weight 194Kg
  • Db (Without Load/With Load) 81Db/89.5Db
  • Rating Trade
  • Warranty 1 Year

It is highly recommended that a dust extractor is used at all times with this saw to prevent the harmful build up of dust and chips. The hose kit supplied collects dust from the sawguard and takes it to the single 100mm diameter hose connection point at the side of the machine.

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