CW 305mm DB Double Bevel Mitre Saw



3 - 30kg

The design of this double bevel mitre saw gives a huge cutting capacity but uses clever design to minimise the amount of space it requires in the workshop. To create the compact size, the two guide bars remain stationary and the head slides along the bars on smooth linear bearings. The mitre saw is capable of a 4" deep cut in timber and a width of over 12". To speed up cutting we include a mains powered (no batteries!) twin laser guide with one laser aligned to each side of the blade. Pencil lines drawn on timber ready to cut can quickly be lined up with the blade. 12" Sliding compound double bevel mitre saw. ●Twin Bar Bearing Guided Sliding Head ●Double Bevel Facility ●Adjustable Trenching Stop ●Twin Laser Guide Precision ●Built-in Carrying Handle ●Spindle Lock For Blade Changing ●60 Tooth TCT Blade Included ●Vertical Work Clamp Included ●Horizontal Work Clamp Included ●Retractable Extension Wings Included ●Dust Collection Bag Included