Hytrol Total Weed Killer 400g



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  • Hytrol Total Weed Killer for Driveways , Paths and Patios 400g (2 x 200g Satchel)
  • Contents: Contains Glyphosate and Metamitron. Formulation: Water dispersible granule (WDG)
  • Use: Total weed control in non-crop situations
  • General Description: Total weedkiller for paths, drives and patios. Lasts for up to one season. Results may be affected if rain falls within 6 hours of application.
  • Rates of Application: Knapsack : Mix 1 sachets (200g) of New Hytrol with 5 litres of water to treat 80sq m.
  • Mixing Instructions : First add half of the required volume of water to the container. Open the sachet and pour contents into the container. Leave to soak without stirring for at least one minute, then stir thoroughly until granules are totally dispersed. Top up the mixture with remaining amount of water. Use immediately after mixing.

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