Trend Modular Storage Compact Cart Set 3pc



0 - 3kg

Modular storage compact system Comprehensive range of options to suit hobby, trade and professional use Robust Cart Base Wheels for easy movement across different terrain Extendable handle with locking function can be easily adjusted to suit height requirements Cart holds up to 35kg of tools Perfect for transporting and keeping specialised tools and equipment safe and secure Designed to fit easily through standard domestic doorways for easy manoeuvrability Interlocking side clips for secure transportation from job to job Each box is constructed from robust polypropylene for durable long life performance with external strengthening ribs for optimal internal storage space This product includes: 1 x 100mm Organiser Ext. 530 x 310 x 130mm Int. 470 x 237 x 114 1 x 200mm Toolbox Ext. 530 x 310 x 225mm Int. 484 x 255 x 187mm 1 x Wheeled Cart Ext. 530 x 385 x 690mm Int. 484 x 237 x 315mm