RS Hollow SteadyPro (No Stem)



3 - 30kg

The Robert Sorby SteadyPro is a very easy to use jig that gives additional tool support when hollowing as well as many other woodturning operations.

The versatile SteadyPro fits a wide range of woodturning lathes by utilising the stems from the Robert Sorby modular tool rest system. The easy to adjust cantilever action of the clamping rollers, ensures the optimum control for a large selection of tool sizes.

Features & Benefits

Easy to set-up and use
Fits a wide range of woodturning lathes
High quality components for a smooth operation
Suitable for all levels of woodturning
Unique design gives perfect tool support
Helps reduce Vibration & Chatter
Cantilever roller positioning for optimum tool support
Heavy duty construction
Quick and easy adjustment
Maintenance free
The SteadyPro system can be used with recommended Robert Sorby woodturning tools and most other woodturning tools.

The Robert Sorby SteadyPro System comes with the world renowned Robert Sorby lifetime guarantee.

This product must be used with care and appropriate PPE worn during use. Please read the User Guide before use.

Please order stem seperate, to suit you lathe, as this version comes with no stem