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CW Pen Turning Kit , 1MT

CW Pen Turning Kit , 1MT

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Product Description

Charnwood Pen Turning Kit 1 Morse Taper

This complete 1MT Pen turning kit contains all the tools you need to start pen turning including 5 different coloured 7mm diameter pens.

  • PM1MT - Colleted Type Mandrel 5 x 7mm Bushes
  • PENBT - Pen Barrel Trimming Tool
  • PENTI - Pen Barrel Insertion Tool suitable for 6mm - 15mm diameter Tubes
  • PBD7 - 7mm x 95mm long HSS drill bit
  • PEN7GO - Gold 7mm Pen
  • PEN7CH - Chrome 7mm Pen
  • PEN7GM - Gun Metal 7mm Pen
  • PEN7CO - Copper 7mm Pen
  • PEN7BC - Black Chrome 7mm Pen

The collet type mandrel is quick to adjust and offers a stronger action than traditional mandrels The collet that secures the mounting shaft insures that the shaft is locked and centered in position to guarantee a perfectly centred pen. The shaft slides inside the collet so that it can be lengthened or shortened to adapt to the length of the pen to be made.

All you need now is some wooden or acrylic pen blanks.

Also available in 2MT.

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