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RS 826 Excel Int Cutter

RS 826 Excel Int Cutter

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Product Description

The Robert Sorby 826GC Excelsior Internal Scraper Cutter

Robert Sorby’s Excelsior range has been designed with the connoisseur woodturner and those who regularly turn hard woods in mind. A plasma bonded titanium nitride (TiN) finish layered over traditional triple tempered high speed steel provides the perfect combination for tool longevity and edge retention.

In tests the TiN coating outperforms the hardest wearing steel tools and will even better tungsten carbide. In terms of cutting edge life Robert Sorby Excelsior tools will outlast standard tools by four times and are more than a match for the various metallurgies available to today’s woodturners.

Critically the combination of Robert Sorby hardness tested HSS and the TiN bonded plasma finish allow for easy sharpening.

Additionally the titanium nitride coating has the added advantage of reducing friction where metal meets wood. This is particularly effective when working with extremely hard and abrasive woods or when cutting through knotted burrs.

In terms of hardness, Excelsior tools’ cutting edge weigh in at an impressive Rockwell equivalent of 80 – the combination of TiN and HSS eliminating the possibility of chipping and brittleness often associated with harder metals.

A range of hard working blades and cutters are available in the Excelsior range.

Features and benefits :

•Extended tool life
•Cutting edges last up to four times longer
•Titanium nitride (TiN) plasma coating – outperforms cryogenic and powder metallurgy tools
•TiN is a corrosion resistant ceramic coating
•Friction coefficient helps chip flow, reducing the build up of material at the working edge
•Quick and easy to sharpen
•Edge retention second to none
•The result – spend more time turning and less time sharpening

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