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RS 826H Int. Shear Scraper

RS 826H Int. Shear Scraper

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Product Description

Robert Sorby RS 826H Internal Shear Scraper
Shear scraping is a recently enhanced method of woodturning which relies on the presentation of the scraper at a shear angle. This technique offers some significant advantages over conventional scrapers :
•At the optimum angle of 45º, the slicing action is safer and produces a superior finish
•Sanding is often unnecessary
•The risk of the cutter digging-in is virtually eliminated
Robert Sorby has two dedicated shear scrapers - one for internal work, the second for external finishing. Both feature a 3/8" square shank which sits firmly on the tool rest and presents the cutter at 45º to the workpiece when used in each direction. Each cutter can be re-positioned several times before the need for re-sharpening which is done by honing on the top face. Spare HSS cutters are available.
The internal shear scraper (826H) features a round cutter whilst the external shear scraper (827H) has a square cutter. These cutters are fully interchangeable so anyone having the internal shear scraper (826H) can fit the external cutter (827C) and vice versa.

The unique 3/4" semi-circular shank allows the cutter to be used 45º to achieve shear scraping.

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