Products with Warranty
Each one of our products will have different warranty terms and lengths, so if you are ordering a product or you have bought a product and you wish to find out about it's warranty then please contact us at

Claiming warranty
If the goods you purchased from us have stopped working contact us straight away with your name, the product details and (if possible) the original order number. We will then check all your details are correct and ensure your product is under warranty, once this is done we will contact you with all the details on how to proceed.

Warranty repairs/replacements
This will depend on the product, some products will be replaced under warranty and others repaired. Unfortunately we do not get the choice in this as it is a decision the manufacturer will make, however we will do our best to find the solution that suits you.

Dealing directly with the manufacturer
In some cases you won't have to contact us, you can go directly to the manufacturer for advice or to claim warranty.